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Learn guitar with a structured curriculum, a world class teacher,  and an international community of students to support you along the way.

With our highly structured courses you will find a solution to the most common and frustrating problem of studying the guitar online. That problem is getting stuck. Overloaded by too many ideas, conflicting advice, and information that isn’t suited for your current level, it can be easy to get frustrated. Without a feeling of progress, the guitar can become a pain rather than a joy.

Guitar Corner Academy mixes world class teachers with a 21st century approach to teaching which takes full advantage of all the internet has to offer. Small, incremental tasks provide you with achievable goals and a reason to practice. Not only that, but you will know exactly what to practice. No more distractions, no more meandering from one you tube video to the next. This is quality education in a structured format.

Finally, we are focused on building a community. You might feel alone in your practice, but you aren’t. Guitar Corner Academy has worked with thousands of students online who have formed a community of like minded and supportive adult guitarists. From forum discussions, to quick questions in lessons, to full blown summer school with international teachers, Guitar Corner Academy fosters a positive and supportive community of online guitarists who want to improve their skills.

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Notation and Sight Reading

The Level 1 notation and sight reading course for guitar starts at the very beginning of notation and takes you through a progressive and structured course where you will learn all of the skills needed to tackle the level 1 repertoire book. For those interested in working on sight reading, this course provides a structured progression which will challenge you in each lesson without leaving you frustrated.


12 Bar Blues Beginner

The 12 Bar Blues is an essential progression that all guitarists should learn. Through this course you will learn the form, style, and musical embellishments to the basics. In addition, you will also learn about reading charts, ensemble skills, and counting.

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